I need a Genius to Help with a Gutter!

aceyAugust 17, 2008

Picture this: Along a side of my house, is my side patio with screened in 30' pool. From back to front, the total length of the screened patio where it attaches to the roof is about 50 feet in all.

OK. You are standing in front, looking straight down the side of the house where the top of the screen enclosure on the left, meets the slope of the roof of the house on the right. That precise area is like looking at a giant letter Y (before the tops of the Y angle back to become each of the rooftops). The 50' gutter runs in between the 2 arms of the Y and you are looking at it as if looking down the barrel of a gun.

I can clean out the first ten feet or so of that particular gutter using my extension pole, from either end of the house. But the whole midsection I just can't reach!!! If I could use a blower, the leaves would just flutter back onto the top of the screen or onto the shingles of the roof, and just fall back into the gutter. I can't use a gutter wand or even that gutter robot I've seen advertised for the same reason. The screened patio is a good 25' wide, so I can't get a wand long enough to approach it from the far opposite side of the screened enclosure. The roof of my house is steep enough that I would fear falling through the screen into the pool if I dared to get on top of the roof, and scoot across it on my butt with a leaf bag. Plus, I ain't getting any younger! Basically, that gutter has NO open side for me to get the stuff out!

I'm down to thinking I have to hire a cherry picker truck, something with an arm that can LEAN over all that length and reach down and grab the debris. But then I thought, maybe some creative soul out there would have an idea for me! (If so, patent it...as I'm sure there are others in my predicament!)

Thanks for any ideas!


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I have a high pressure nozzle that attaches to my garden hose, they are available at most all hardware stores, that at full pressure easily reaches 25 feet. Just be careful and don't spray under and lift any shingles.

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What is the pitch of the roof? I just walk around the edge of the roof and clean the gutters.

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if you can get a high pressure nozzle to shoot in on end of the gutter, it should push it all around to the other end.

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I'm the founder and owner of Gutter Genius (ironically). Have you considered affordable gutter protection so you won't have to clean your gutters again? It will require some vigilance every 2 or 3 years to look at the downspout to ensure debris isn't clogging the downspout, but our franchise owner can do that for you for a very reasonable fee as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gutter Genius

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No advertising allowed. Tim! You agreed to that when you signed on.

If we can't trust you to honor THAT agreement, we can't trust you with your business either.

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