Repair of woodpecker hole in siding

gininmnAugust 7, 2012

A woodpecker has made a hole into the cedar siding on my house. The hole is about the size of a quarter and goes down into the styrofoam insulation. I don't have more siding at this time but would like to do a temporary fix of this damage. I've thought about either putting spray foam into the hole or cutting a piece of styrofoam and fitting it in. Not sure what to use for pugging outside. Suggestions/help appreciated. Since it would just be temporary, I thought maybe I could just fill with caulking and stain over the top. Also what is the appropriate way to do a more permanent fix for this damage?

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Cut a cedar plug from another board and pop it in. If the hole currently is irregular drill the proper size hole for the necessary plug then caulk around the edges and finish.

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Sophie Wheeler

Woodpeckers only go after insects. They don't bore into perfectly sound wood for no reason. You either have some sort of infestation below the siding, or some of your siding has rotted and allowed insect life into it. You need to have an exterminator inspect the area thoroughly before undertaking any temporary or permanent repair.

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Woodpeckers make nesting holes in the spring and roosting holes in the late summer to fall. They also have a drumming activity which will create holes. Acorn woodpeckers will make a hole to place an acorn in.

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Millworkman, thank you for the help. I should have no problem with doing that.

There is no sign of rot in or insects under my siding. Guess the woodpeckers (usually downies) around me enjoy drumming and boring on my house and garage, have addled brains from all that pounding and imagine they hear insects, or are just plain malicious, mischief makers.

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