Novice question...about how many yards do I need for

fourkids4usFebruary 10, 2013

to make slipcovers for my dining room chair cushions - they measure 17x17 with the end chairs having slightly larger cushions, roughly 19x20. I have six regular cushions and two end chair cushions.

I'm just wanting a general idea as I'm searching for fabric now, and the total yardage will affect how much I want to spend per yard.

I don't really sew (just a little but eventually hope to change that!) so someone will be making this for me.

Thanks for your help!

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Do you mean you simply want to recover the existing 8 chairs? I basically plot it out...I add 4"to the length and width so fabric can be wrapped around and stapled. So, the smaller chairs will require a 21x 21" piece of fabric. Most decorator fabric is 54"wide. You will need about 2 1/2 yards if the fabric is a solid or doesn't have to be matched on each chair. Imagine the fabric you select has a large medallion and you want it placed in the middle of the chair, you would require more fabric,but I could not say how much more because it depends on the " repeat". Repeat means how often the design in the fabric is repeated. Clear as mud? Hope this helps.

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Are you wanting to have them recovered or have slipcovers made? They're two different things.
There's also a couple different kinds of dining chairs. There's the kind that pop out and the fabric just stapled on and there's the kind that have actual cushions, with boxing strips, that get stapled to a board.
The person that's making them for you, should be able to tell you how much fabric you'll need.

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Slipcovers. The cushions are separate and not attached to the chair so it's not a matter of wrapping and stapling. They are actual covers with zippers that can be removed. The cushions were special order (furniture is from hong kong and cushions are notched to fit into the seat back). I never liked the fabric which was a pearl silk, so am having new covers made.

I haven't been able to get in touch with the seamstress yet but have been looking at fabric and wanted to have a general idea how much I will need so I can eliminate those fabrics that will be too expensive. The ones Im looking at do not have a repeating pattern if that helps.

Thanks again for your help.

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They're removable covers, rather than slipcovers. Will they have a boxing strip and cording? I'm going to assume yes, so figure about 7 or 8 yards.

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I don't know what a boxing strip is but yes, there will be cording. I will plan on 8 yards to be safe (so a whole yard per cushion?) and then confirm with the seamstress when she gets back.

Thanks for your help.

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The boxing strip is just the strip of fabric, going all around, that connects the top piece to the bottom piece.

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