Wow.... is the forum free again? :)

ruhbehkahDecember 28, 2005

I'm not sure if you'll remember me, but I remember quite a few faces (Ed, Budster) around here. Haven't been by in probably 3 years, since the forum switched to paying members only. It looks like they've switched back!

Long time no see!

We're living in NC, now, and we finally got started on building that house we'd talked about forever. :)

Good to see you all again!


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Hi ruby,

Indeed - long time no see.

I've moved, as well. About 12 miles out to my old step-Uncle's farm, as he died a couple of years ago and the new owner, a sod farmer, wants the land but not the house.

Well too close to barnyard, so water failed e-coli test, so I must haul wanter for drinking, cooking - but that's no problem: I've done that before.

Trouble is - can't find anything!

Too much junkk (or is that "junque"?), I guess.

You were in Maiine, earlier, weren't you?

How are you liking your new place? Good wishes with your building program.

Have a great New Year.

ole joyful

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Wow, good memory. Yep, we were in Maine. Much sunnier weather down here. :)

Here are some pictures of the house we're working on (not much of a house yet, obviously!):

Since we're doing all the labor ourselves, and paying as we go, it's been a slow project, but satisfying. :)

Good to see you again... and I hope your water situation is fixable!


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