Girls' sized bloomers

donnar57February 19, 2011

Looking for bloomer patterns in the Simplicity catalog today at Joann's, I struck out. I saw a few in toddler sizes. However, I'm going to need bloomers in sizes 8 and 10, probably. I'd also like to do this CHEAPLY. These are for costumes.

We are doing a dance number to "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" from ANNIE. I was able to buy a jumper pattern for $1 in which I can have 11 little dresses made. But the girls need to wear bloomers under it, because part of their dance will include some kicks.

One thought I had was to take a cheap pajama bottom pattern, shorts, and put elastic around the waist AND around the legs. Do you think that would work? Or do you all have another idea? (I'm thinking about using cheap muslin for the bloomers. I found the fabric for the dresses on the dollar table at Wal-Mart today, but there wasn't enough for bloomers too.)


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Are you looking for bloomers that go to just below the knee or panty size bloomers? If you need the shorter ones then try a cheerleader costume pattern. That should have the panty bloomers. If you need the old timey ones then try Elizabeth Stewart Clark's website. Just google it. She has a free pattern listed under her patterns. Hope this helps!

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Panty sized. Thanks for the hint about the cheerleader costume pattern! (You can tell I never had a cheerleader in my house and it's been a long, long, long time since I was a songleader/pom-pon girl in HS.)


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Hope it works for you!

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Just to follow up on this ...

Though I sew, and would love to sew these costumes myself, my time is severely limited because of directing the show. Fortunately, this show has about 5 moms/grandmas who sew, and two of them are avid seamstresses. They took the yards and yards of fabric for the dresses and the boys' knickers (for another tune we're doing), as well as the patterns. One grandma told me, "Oh, don't go buy a pattern for bloomers. (GD) is a cheerleader and I make all the girls' bloomers because you can't buy dance trunks any more." YAY!

I suggested a "sew-a-thon", where the 5 seamstresses could all get together after school one day in the library to just sew these costumes up. They passed, but said they'd use that idea in a pinch closer to performance, if the costumes weren't done.

Thanks again!


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That is good to hear Donna, congratulations on your success with the show and costumes. As for a "sew-a-thon", sometimes they can work well but sometimes they turn into a gab session and not as much gets done - I speak from experience. However, if there is a time crunch then hopefully that will motive them and get everything accomplished. If you can, post us some photos of the completed outfits...just the outfits or if you can get a model you can just take photos minus headshots if you want to keep the kids privacy.

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