Good housekeeper sewing machine

maggiematerFebruary 10, 2011

Can anyone tell me about a good housekeeper sewing machine? I bought one today in a solid wood cabinet. works great. Would like to get an idea of how old this machine is.

It is made in Japan and says 60 de luxe precision. It is brown. I only paid $35.00 for it in the cabinet.

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I have had a sewing machine business since 1989 and have seen some of these machines come in for cleaning and oiling.
Machine with 'odd' name brands like yours and others were made in Japan by Toyota for hardware stores, department stores, etc.( Or a 'sticker' that says Approved by Good Housekeeping.)
All metal, which is good these days, and will keep running with hardly any repairs. The motor belt can wear out, but you can replace it easy with a Singer Stretch belt or even better, buy a 'cog' belt when you take it to a shop and have a dealer/repair person put it on for you and then he/she (better ask them to do this) can check the motor brushes.... there are brushes (in the motor) that can be taken out and examined. If they are worn down they can be replaced. (Sometimes I had to 'make the fit' but sanding them down a bit.)
If this has a bobbin winder on the top it can be a problem if the spring goes. But a good dealer has parts from other old machines that may fit. But I have never had anyone with a problem with it so far. Springs were made to last... not like some of the parts today.
If this is a zig zag machine it was no doubt made in the 1950's or even 1960's.
Zig Zag machines were being manufactured also, but very expensive and Name Brands. Hope this helps. Judy

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I have a Good Housekeeping sewing machine black in color white metal tag at top says Good housekeeping.
Metal tag on side says 30 precision deluxe. can anyone tell me what its worth or where to find out without fee.

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Hi, I was wondering does this need a pedal in order to work I found a De Luxe 400 of the same thing in a turquoise color but no pedal. So I was unsure if it needed one. I have newer sewing machine about 10 years old and it is a singer. But this was in the cabinet with a Free Sign on it on the side of the road 1 night and so I stopped and grabbed it up. But I know nothing about it. I hope to find something out. It is really neat! :) Thanks for any info ahead of time...

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I am interested in restoring an old machine we have. It seems to run but will need some cleaning and a few parts. I'm trying to identify it first. It is a Goodhousekeeper, green. The plate says " Model SAMB, Deluxe Automatic Sewing Machine, Japan". Another plat has stamped :H24578" onle on it. Next to that is stensiled "J -A38". But on the underside the base has cast into it "J-C36". Also cast into the base are the circled numbers "2" and "15". Lastly, there is some sort of logo cast into the underside, it looks like a capital "Z" overlayed onto the number "8". Do you have any idea what this is? How old? Can I find a manual? Or do you know where I can go to find out? Can I post a pic? (I don't see that as an option). Thank you for any help.

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