Lining a throw

kathieloFebruary 20, 2009

Could anyone recommend a fabric to be used for lining a throw made from a chinelle tapestry type of upholstery fabric. I bought this remnant thinking pillows but it was quite large and would be perfect for a throw. When I say upholstery fabric, it isn't really that heavy in weight but it has texture. It is a paisley design in golds, olive and rust colors...perfect for my soon to be finished new basement. I think it will be mainly decorative although if need be, will be used for warmth. I did another one awhile back and lined it with flannel backed satin (or is it satin backed flannel)coat lining but I found that it was quite heavy and not very warm. I edged it with cording and attached tassels to the corners. (copied one I saw at Ethan Allen) This may account for the weight. It keeps sliding off your lap. So I am looking for an alternative. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Kathie

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Kathie, there are many light wt fleeces that would be great, cozy and slip-proof. In this case, I would cut the fleese smaller than the paisly, and topstitch around the perimeter. You might want to put some tacking stitches every 12-18" thru both layers to stablize.Another choice is a dark cotton flannel.

Decades ago, I lined a Vogue Dior coat with flannel backed satin and was devastated at its weakness. I had to decorative tape the cuff and hem areas after two years. It was not particularly warm, either...but then that was in Chicao!

Your fabric sounds lush! I am nuts for paisley.

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Depending on how much you wanted to spend, you could also use a washable suede. I got some on clearance & made throw pillows--for $4.50 yd.

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