I saved $1,000s!

marlingardenerDecember 23, 2008

Instead of sending a Holiday card to each person who has posted money-saving ideas that have helped me, I decided to wish you all very happy holidays here on the forum and save 1,000s of dollars in cards and postage. So, have a Merry Christmas and a very happy and frugal New Year!

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What a savings LOL

Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year to everyone.
God Bless You

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Blessings and Joy to all from Oklahoma! --Ilene

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Great idea! I was going to mail everyone a check for a new car, but in the frugal spirit of the season, I'll forgo the check too! Not only the cars, but think of the check fees saved too! Joyous savings abound!

Reminds me of a card I gave once. It said "This is more than just a birthday card.... It's your PRESENT!"

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Hey - that's a good idea!

On the other hand ... now that you have all of that money on hand, lying around unused ...

... how about following the path that I did, several years ago, giving the money saved to several charitable agencies?

No doubt there are several agencies who need such help in your area - abused (mainly women), homeless, unemployed, mentally/physically challenged who can't handle/find work and a number of other agencies serving social needs locally.

And such programs in the wider community - within our land, and abroad. Millions in the world know not where the next meal for them and their kids is coming from ... and have a miserable home (if they are fortunate enough to have one at all). And that's apart from the ones displaced by war, civil unrest, official attempts to push out minorities, climate change, western trade policies that undercut the income of local farmers, artisans, etc.

Better educational and health services for many abroad.

Several agencies that conduct research related to various illnesses and offer information to the public and support to the sufferers.

Universities and other educational institutions.

Mosques, synagogues, churches and other religious agencies - along with encouragement to them to eschew bigotry (especially when disguised).

Many have found that such activities provide a warm feeling in one's heart.

And ... folks making such contributions get a receipt for their donation to a charitable agency ... which in many areas allows one to reduce his/her required payment to the Income Tax People substantially!

So - there's a good possibility that you may turn out not to have lost the full amount that it appeared that you had, in the first place.

I also offer my good wishes to everyone for the holidays.

May you have a blessed Christmas, if that observance is important to you.

May the New Year bring the fulfillment of several of your long cherished, worthwhile dreams ...and the envisioning of some new ones.

ole joyful

P.S. Ole Joyful's about to make his Christmas gift to everyone soon, I think ...

... maybe over on the Kitchen Table, this year (it was here and on "Household Finance" sometimes in earlier years - still here, if you know where to look, I think).

It'll disappear from the "Kitchen Table" in about three months.

o j

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Thank you,

And a very Merry Christmas and a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year to all of you.

Thanks for all the wonderful ideas -

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