strange puddle of water on basement floor

rhoda_dendronAugust 31, 2006

I just went down to the basement to look for leaks around my shower (which I found), and then noticed a fairly large puddle of water (not there two days ago) about 1 foot by 2 foot.

This puddle is in the middle of the concrete floor, not near any walls (exterior). There are no pipes above it, or drains, or any water source that I can think of.

Any ideas on what this could be?

This house is driving me crazy!

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Did you have a lot of rain recently? I had a similar problem about a month ago after we had a whole lot of rain.
The concensus amoung my house savvy friends was that the water seeped up from the ground through my basement floor. The ground was saturated and it had to go somewhere. I guess it happens sometimes.


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Basement floors are made of concrete(obviously). Concrete is porous, a lot of people don't realize this. Ground water can seep through this area of the concrete.

Unfortunately, your slab of concrete is probably really thin right in that area, and you might have this problem more frequently. One solution is to install a sump pit with discharge pump, and you might want to install interior drain tile system. I am pretty sure your slab will need to be repaired if this problem continues.

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Leaking water can take some very strange paths it's not at all uncommon to find a puddle some distance away from the actual leak. You might want to take a good look around with a flashlight.

As fqp25 mentioned a lot of ground water can cause water to migrate through the concrete slab of your basement.

Good luck!


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Did you ever find out what the issue was on this? I have a similar problem and am trying to determine what I should do.. I am contemplating putting in an interior drain tile..

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