Repairing water-damaged eaves etc???

soozAugust 3, 2008

When we took down our gutters last week, we noticed some water damage around our house, on the fascia boards, a bit on the eaves, and on the roof rafters (I think that's the correct term)--the pieces that stick outside the walls of the house (they are under the eaves). We do not have a soffit.

I know we can replace the fascia, but how do we repair the water damage on the eaves and on the "rafters" ? Thankfully, the water damage does not extend even halfway up the rafters, but some of the eaves are maybe three-quarters rotten with water damage.

Thanks for any help!


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call in a pro to look at it. if your water damage is bad enough to rot wood, then that wood needs to be replaced. since it holds up the roof, it is structural and should be left to someone who KNOWS wha tthey are doing.

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I'm on it! Thanks for your input!


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