Useful gifts for loved ones, whose value grows, at 40% discount!!

joyfulguyDecember 7, 2008

Stocks in quality companies, which aren't heavily in debt, dealing in goods or services that will continue to be in demand.

Pay your broker to have a number registered in the name(s) of the recipient(s), and likely some in your name, as well.

If you get equity-based mutual funds, they'll almost certainly issue the certificates at no cost.

But - don't forget the ongoing cost: most U.S. managers charge a 1.5% (or more) management fee, while Canadians usually charge 2.5% or more. That's annually.

Which is part of the reason that very few mutual fund managers manage to outperform their similar market averages consistently.

Better buy your own individual stocks.

By the way - in Canada, they don't issue certificates for ETFs.

Learning how money works - an interesting hobby ... that pays well.

Also by the way - losses in the market mainly happen when folks lose their nerve after a market drop and sell.

In many situations, that's the time to buy more!

Currently, there may be more drop before we see the end of it ... but where is the market bottom? Consequently ... not wise to buy too many at a time - buy periodically, over the market bottom.

Hard to catch a train ... after it's left the station!

ole joyful

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good points, thanks for the tip!

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The gift that keeps on giving.

ole joyful

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There's been some recovery, so far ...

... but is it to continue?

Questionable - there'll likely be several bounces before long-term recovery sets in.

Best to buy a few shares at a time, as one has savings .... that way, when stock prices are low, one gets more per thousand invested, and when they're higher priced ... fewer.

Which works out well in the end.

Few of us unlettered bums can outguess the market ... especially the characters who make it their business to follow it, every day.

And have millions to throw around.

Have yourself a fine old spring, enjoying the birds and flowers. Should you lose your eyesight ... you won't be able to see 'em any more ... enjoy 'em while you can.

ole joyful

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