shwetagargDecember 9, 2008

Dont know if this is the right place to post this question..but couldnt find the appropirate forum

has anyone used MCCLOUD MOVERS?

If yes then how are they and do they provide any protections for the floors and walls and doors?

Can anyone suggest any other cheap but good moving company?

Thanks for anykind of input.

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Shweta, you might contact them and ask for contact information of people they have moved before. Do you have a Better Business Bureau (BBB)? If so you can call and see if anyone has lodged any complaints against McCloud. How about asking around at work, at your doctor's office. Is there someone new in your neighborhood you could ask?

I personally have no recommendations to make. The last time we moved, we rented a U-haul and several guys from our Church came out and helped. I fed everybody breakfast and lunch and sent out thank you cards afterwards. They did a great job. They were all careful with our stuff because they cared about us and didn't want to damage anything. We all worked together. If moving can ever be fun, it was. And it made us all better friends. Of course they all saw my dirt under the refrigerator. But I was more bothered by that than anyone else was. --Ilene

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