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surferAugust 4, 2012

I'm looking for a low maintenance material that could be used as a 12" by 16 foot fascia on a gable end considering the dark brown color rules out PVC material like Aztek. Actually I have two gable ends, one east and one west.

My current fascia material uses two painted "one by" 16 foot wood boards on each side. It faces mostly west. The top board is about a 1 by 5" and the lower is a 1 by 8. The total finished width of the two boards side by side is about 12 1/2". I could probably get by with 12" width. The current arrangement requires regular maintenance and painting. The wood seam between the two boards is caulked but it still eventually allows water to get behind the fascia.

I considered wrapping with aluminum but the width and dark brown color facing west would probably cause some waviness. Also the 16 ft aluminum would still be pieced and overlapped.

Another consideration is using smooth finish 12" by 12 ft fiber cement. It would require piecing too to cover the 16 foot length, and the required butt joint cuts would be at 45 degrees bevel and the pieces cemented with the long side facing down. Thanks for any suggestions.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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A paint job should not require annual painting, caulking either.
If you are not treating the end grain of 1x trim with Wood hardener or epoxy to prevent water intrusion you are never going to get a god paint job.

5/4 trim is beter, and if the width is as large as you say, even 2x shold look fine.

The thicker boards require end grain treatment also.
You should glue the wood together at the joiny, not rely on caulk to try and seal it.

A coat or primer brushed on all surfaces, and two coat of paint brushed on all surfaces before installation should last at least 5-10 years.

As you have found out, the large with is likely to play havoc with man made materials.

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Thanks for the reply. Have you or anyone had any experience with MiraTec? My concern with any joints whether they be longitudinally or as cross ways is separation and water intrusion due to expansion and contraction, and the obvious appearance.

Here is a link that might be useful: MiraTec

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You just slide the trimmed edge of the fascia panel into the under-sill trim. Draw a line where the panel intersects with the trim.

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@Aaronjohn.....Did you mean to post this as a follow-up on another thread? Not sure if I am misreading this. Thanks.

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Why not use Aztek? It can be painted any custom color.

Instead of trying to make what you have work, consider removing the two pieces or wood and then replace them with a 12" wide board (or 14" ripped to size).

Here is a link that might be useful: FAQ re: paint

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Buy a 4' x 8' sheet of azek, cut to pcs 8' long 16" wide and screw it in place and paint.

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Appreciate the feedback. I'm planning on using 4/4 x 16" x 16' primed Miratec. Got a sample and discussed with those that have used it and did some reading on discussion forums such as this
Cost wise it about 2x clear pine that is only 11.25" wide.

Azek does not like darker colors because of heat absorption on PVC. Also it is much more expensive.

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