Removing stucco cement from brick

Lrw2aAugust 28, 2010

Hi there. . . So we are halfway through removing a stucco facing from our brick house. The brick underneath is in fine shape, or at least it is until our workers start chiseling away at the cement that held the stucco up.

Does anyone have any ideas on ways we might soften the cement so as to avoid damaging the brick face?

I've seen muriatic acid mentioned elsewhere, but also that it might discolor or weaken brick.


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the only way I know is to chisel it off..or
carefully use hammer drill.
talk about some work. a few years ago I helped
a friend's son's young husband get started
on a wall in a 100+ year old church.
sore hands, and viberating arms for days.
too much labor for me...I'll leave that
to the young folks.
you could look at it this way..folks pay a lot for
old brick and if it chips the brick you could call it

hopefully someone will have a better option.

best of luck.

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