Cushions on sectional keep 'moving out' - Solutions?

SadieVJuly 24, 2012

I have a large sectional in a cheniele type tweed - the manufacturer is Smith Bros. The seat cushions continually "move out" and have to be pushed back into place. I'm hoping someone here has a solution to this. I've tried placing pieces of rug grip under the cushions, and it helps somewhat but the cushions just won't stay neat and orderly. Its become an obsession -- Help!

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If you don't flip your cushions you could try velcro.

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So glad you wrote this b/c I was actually meaning to ask the same exact question. I have a 3 cushion couch and I am constantly pushing them back in at least once a day. So will anxiously wait for responses too :-)

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Some upholsterers install clips in the body and D-rings on the cushions. The clips are sewn onto belts of the upholstery fabric and are anchored down in the gutter where the back meets the seat under the cushions, so all you see when you take off the cushions are the clips.

The D-rings are slipped onto strips of the fabric that are integrated into the top and bottom seams behind the welting on the back of the cushions (two per cushion), so that they will slide up and down, and can be reattached when you flip the cushions.

Am I explaining this clearly? The strips on the cushions are like belt loops on pants. It might be possible for you to retrofit your couch in this way.

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I've used the grippy things you use under throw rugs for the same problem and it worked beautifully.

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I and others I've known have tried many possible solutions, and none of them worked. One friend bought the Ikea sofas and then gave them away because the sliding cushion problem could not be overcome.

You may be able to have an upholsterer attach rings to your cushions and maybe you could attach the parts that go on the frame yourself. But this method could result in torn upholstery if the fabric is not capable of handling the strain of the constant pulling on the connectors.

When searching for new seating the first question I ask is whether the store can promise me the cushions will stay put.

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Funny, I have four sofas in my home and none of them have cushions that slip. I am wondering what fabric is on the sofas that slip?

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Fori is not pleased

My last sofa (leather cushion on some sort of slick fabric) slipped.

My new one has velcro. If I get another slippery one, I'll apply the heavy duty peel 'n' stick velcro.

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It's not the fabric. It has to do with the construction of the sofa and where the cushions sink in when someone sits on them. I know this from the many attempts I made to get my cushions on one sofa to stay in place. I plastered every inch of the bottom and sides with heavy duty velcro...that helped SOME, but they still moved forward.

I've never known this to be a problem on good quality furniture. I don't mean to say that the people here who have had the problem have cheap junk. I'm just saying that I've known quite a few people with the problem, and in each of those cases, the sofa in question was of poor quality.

There may be some high quality sofas with a slight design flaw but if I paid for a good sofa, the first time I saw those cushions move I'd be on the phone arranging for a return!

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ditto on the rug pad. I have used a thick rough rug pad on my sectional and it solved most of the problem, I still have to push them back in place every few weeks.

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We purposely purchased a sofa with fixed-in-place cushions because I have always hated slipping cushions and nothing ever seemed to fix that problem. I love the fix cushions!

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We had the same problem with our sectional. We used the rug grip stuff for a while too, but it would wad up and fold over on itself within a week (our kids think the couch is a trampoline) and then we would have to spread it back out again. My wife found this grip pad called Cushion Keeper. Its just that rug grip stuff with a border sewn around the edge, but it keeps the pad from wadding up (even with bouncing children), and the cushions stay put.

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As noted above, rug grip works very well in most cases.

Many times the reason for this is the fabrics are "napped" like corduroy. That will cause them to crawl. This is especially problematic with the synthetics. Even if the cushion fabric does not crawl, the deck fabric may be crawly and that will act the same and cause the cushions to crawl.

Manufacturers used to use much better quality foam cores. These had weight and therefore prevented much crawling. Even "quality" furniture now often has very light weight non-resilient foam cores.

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I bought a leather sofa with fixed cushions to avoid this problem!

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I raised 3 rowdy boys and have never had that problem. Wonder why. I think that may be the only problem I have never experienced with home furnishings. I am astounded. I might have to have a party, maybe a beer bash, and celebrate one thing my sons never accomplished,forcing cushions from their correct position on the sofa.

Now, I am pretty sure if they knew of this dilemma, they and their daddy could have seen to it that my cushions easily made friends with the floor, because if anything, they were all boy and real boys. You know boys with big hairy chests and huge calves, able to belch, play defensive tackle, make noises such with their hands and armpits such that the family next door could hear what sounds like passing gas, know how to whistle so that the dogs in the next county come running, men boys, not geldings, boys who go about their life's work with the same fervor as splitting huge logs with a small axe and one hand, snapping the heads of poisonous snakes with the flip of the wrist, able to scrape and paint, hang wallpaper without a tray, install garbage disposals and toilets, put down hardwood flooring, unclog plumbing, install lighting, take down cottage cheese ceilings, hang draperies without tearing them. They can lift and move large dressers and figure out how without assistance to get the grand piano from one room to another. If necessary, one can hold up the car while the other changes a tire without a jack, fly airplanes, but they never made the cushions push forward.

These are boys whose largest celebration on being told they were national merit scholars was inserting a thumb into the jaw and making the sound of a popping cork.

I am almost disappointed that there was some manly fete they never accomplished. I suspect I was buying the wrong sofas, although over the years they were in my home, I had 11.

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Lol, Patricia! "These are boys whose largest celebration on being told they were national merit scholars was inserting a thumb into the jaw and making the sound of a popping cork." They're keepers!

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