How can I iron wrinkles out of polyester?

weedladyFebruary 5, 2008

I feel totally like a fish out of water here--I normally am in the gardening forums and I know nothing of sewing (to the everlasting chagrin of my very talented mom--rest her soul!). I have a problem & am hoping one of you wonderful people in this forum can help.

I recently bought three 100% polyester flags of different countries to be hung vertically with other flags in a permanent display at the school where I work. All 3 came sealed up in plastic bags so have deep fold marks and wrinkles. I tried ironing one with the iron set on the (dry) polyester setting, with no effect. I tried misting the fabric and ironing (same setting), but that made no difference. I am afraid to turn up the heat for fear of melting or marring the poly in some way.

It is raining today, so I considered hanging them out on the clothesline. Then I thought about hanging them in the bathroom & turning on the hot shower to steam up the room. But my teacher husband has tried that with little success when he has to wear a graduation gown for commencement each year and it does not seem too effective, either.

Help!! CK

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Very carefully !!!

Seriously,turn up the iron to the poly setting,JUST make sure you use a pressing cloth,and a damp pressing cloth would be better.Don't let the iron touch the poly,make sure it's totally covered with the pressing cloth.

If that doesn't work,totally wet them,and without wringing them out,hang them out on your clothesline.The weight of the water should make the wrinkles fall out as they are drying.HTH

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I used a similiar method to get the wrinkles out of my graduation gown. I was NOT wearing it looking like I'd slept in it :-0 I use a damp towel and, if I remember correctly, a little steam, being sure the iron did not come in contact with the material; also had to apply some pressure. It was a slow process, but it did take the wrinkles out. HTH

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I've used a mixture of a small amount of vinegar in water with some success. Method same as above.

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I swear by silk organza pressing cloths. Sheer enough to see what you're doing and will withstand high heat. Can also be used for interfacings. I've also used vinegar and water in a spray bottle with success both to set a crease and to remove one.


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Thanks for everyone's suggestions--I knew I could count on GW folks! I have not yet had time to try any of these, but when I do I will let you know the results. CK

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