Ideas on filling or removing an old pipe?

moltroubAugust 13, 2014

We have an old house built in the 1930's. In doing some regrading, we decided to remove an old 4" cast iron pipe that was used by the previous owner for his washing machine. The pipe ended about where the old in-ground pool had been. ( We had that hexagon good,for nothing thing ripped out several years ago.)

I cut the piece that was going from the foundation wall out to the yard. Went into the cellar and attempted to get the galvanized pipe out but couldn't turn it, even with a cheater bar. Thought I'd take the cold chisel to it with a small 4 lb hammer...didn't even put a dent into the concrete or cement or whatever the heck was used.

Any ideas on how the correct way to plug it up so field mice or snakes can't come in, ever?

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Hydraulic cement. Put it in both ends---about 2 or 3 inches in.

Swells when it cures.

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Wad up some expanded metal lath, insert into pipe, hydraulic cement, and before it sets, print "lost dutchmen mine."

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You can quickly seal a pipe with an adjustable female cap or male plug from a plumbing supply house.

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