I got a new sewing toy!

budsterFebruary 25, 2009

OK, it's not really for sewing but it works a charm. DH gave me one of those magnets on an extending wand - for picking up all those pins I drop under the table and ironing board. You find the device in the hardware department and only cost a few dollars. If you have a bad back, it sure saves all the bending. Might work for some of you.

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I love those! Right after attempting my first project using pins, I stole the magnet wand from my son's toybox. I keep it by the machine, and as I pull the pins out of the fabric, I practically "toss" them to my side and on to the magnet. I don't even have to look where I'm tossing. (Though maybe I should look every now and then.)

I want to get one of those big magnet pincushions. But they are 12 bucks here. And stealing my son's toy was free.



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I stole mine from DH, but I let him borrow it once in a while.

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I had one of the ones on a wand.. grandson found it and oh my that was the end of it for my sewing.. he used it everywhere and more fun with that than any expensive toy I could have bought him.. he took it home with him and I never saw it again.. Huggy

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Joann's sells the extending magnet thingy in the notion department, but I bought mine at the hardware for less $.
At Joann's they also sell a wand that is used by bingo players and you can find those at Dollar Stores, cheaper than at Joann's.
Kathy G in MI

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My DH broke his back and now uses a cane.
He can't bend over so he bought 2 Earth magnets
and taped them to the sides at the bottom of his cane.
Now if he drops keys or anything metal
he doesn't have to bend to pick them up.

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