Water seepage into foundation wall

hookemAugust 4, 2008


I have a water spigot attached to the outer wall of my house and a garden hose connected to it. I recently discovered that there was a problem with the valve and it had been dripping water around the foundation for sometime. I replaced the valve and fixed the leak. I found that water has seeped into the foundation wall causing a crack about 1/8 inches wide in one of the concrete blocks that comprise the foundation wall. The leak has caused a vertical crack (about 1/4 inches) on the interior side of the wall where the spigot is attached.

Do I need to get this checked out by some foundation expert? Even though I have fixed the leak, a little bit of water drips out of the spigot whenever it is closed or the impact sprinkler connected to the hose is removed. Is this serious enough to cause the crack to widen? Is there some DIY method to head off potential damage?

I have posted pictures of the interior and exterior walls at the URL link.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures

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I had a similar problem and had to change the outside tap - as I live in a winter zone I replaced the tap with one which has an internal valve so that there will be no damage to the valve in a future freeze - and thus no dripping risk. But while I had dampness I had no cracking. Its conceivable that over a long period of time the hydrostatic pressure caused by massive water buildup outside the foundation could cause cracking if the foundation was poorly constructed - but I doubt it. Did water seep into the basement itself? I would guess that if there had been an actual leak you would have mentioned it - with no leak that suggests that there wasnt enough hydrostatic pressure to cause a crack.

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Thanks for the response, Chester.
I am not 100% sure that water seeped into the crawl space (it is not a basement). But since the crack in the foundation is directly beneath the spigot and the valve connecting the hose to the spigot had been leaking, I put 2 & 2 together and figured it must be this.

BTW, I live in Texas where we have a few hard freezes during the winter; nothing colder than that.

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From those pictures, I'm doubting that the interior and exterior cracks have anything to do with each other. The window isn't visible in the exterior shot so I'm assuming the window is well up above the spigot, and the brick above the spigot looks just fine

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