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phyllis_philodendronMarch 17, 2004

I'm bidding on some oval and circle cutters on ebay ... do I need the mat? Can I use a traditional self-healing rotary cutter mat with these templates?

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You don't necessarily have to have the mat but you will need the red, blue and green cutters.

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How much do these normally cost? I'm afraid that in my crazy flurry of bidding I will end up paying more through ebay than if I ordered them. LOL So I have no idea what a fair price is.

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I dont believe CM sells just the blades. But if you were to buy the system through them, you'd get 3 circles, 3 blades and the mat for $38. The other shapes come in sets of 3 and they run $14 per set.

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I just bought the circles set on Ebay...can I get ovals instead with the blades and mat?

I suppose I should talk to my rep...! but we're on vacation now and away from home! Of all the times. LOL

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With your circle set, did you get the blades? You definitely need the blades, and could probalby use another mat but I like theirs. You could talk to your rep and see what's out there. It's possible you could get it cheaper on eBay, but it might be easier to just get it thru your rep.

They have all kinds of shapes available, they're so much fun!

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Hi Phyllis,

You can use a regular self-healing mat with the CM cutting system. I use the Fiskars mat or sometimes a glass square. The glass is technically a no-no though since it dulls the blades. BTW, the CM self-healing mat is thicker than the Fiskars one, but either will be fine.

You will need the red/blue/green CM cutting blades. You can buy them as a set or individually. They are about $4-$5 per blade I *think*.

Enjoy! I love my CM cutting system. It's awesome.

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I recognize your name from the cooking forum. I'm over there too. This is my first time here. I have the CM set and I like it, but it takes some getting used to.

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