Hey can you use this??????????

budsterNovember 16, 2007

Have you heard this question before? I have been on the receiving end of all kinds of things......the latest...a bag of walnuts in the shell....some odds and ends of eyelash balls of wool.... and a quart of whipping cream which is not out of date but within 2 days.........of course being a "thrifty" type I take it all and use it. Walnuts in the baking and munching, the wool knitted into a scarf of many colors which will go with anything...and the whipping cream topped off a banana cream pie....so what goodies come your way?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

A big ole zucchini...offered to be by my hair stylist. I still need to grate it and freeze it for bread this winter....and then pack it with my new Reynolds Handi-Vac.

I'm usually offered stuff of no use (to me anyway)...stuff you gotta dust, which I usually decline...trying to get rid of such things myself anyway.

A friend however did offer me a nice shepherd's hook as she had gotten a bunch of them at a yard sale for nearly nothing.

I find myself more often saying, "Hey, I can use this" when I'm at the recycling center. My latest find...a new phone book I was needing for the surrounding counties.


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My neighbor gave me half a tin of canned tuna. I added some mayo and ate it up within hours. I'm still very much alive.

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I really lucked out on Halloween. I forgot that i signed up to bring cupcakes in my daughters 3rd grade class. Everything has to be store bought. No homemade goodies allowed. I was having a penny pinching week and my friend had several trays of uneaten cupcakes(store bought) leftover from her weekend party. She gave me all of them. Worked out great for both of us!

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Today, my neighbor brought over three Christmas Crafts books, a pair of brand new sweat pants, and a couple of magazines that I don't subscribe to. I was happy to take all of it and I sent her home with a tablecloth, a set of six molds for baking, and a book. We do this often and it works out great for both of us.

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A couple of weeks after I moved last year, one of my new neighbors had a moving sale. I gave her several of my moving boxes and she gave me a couple of salon shampoo and conditioners and some magazines.

This summer, I dug up nine shrubs the previous owners had planted so I could have a garden. I gave them to my next door neighbor because I hate to throw stuff like that away. She planted them in her back yard so we are both happy.

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Next door neighbor called me, 5pm, 'Have you had dinner yet// no // bring over a container, or two. She has bad hearing so .. OK.

Took over two deli maccaronni, think its 4lbs containers,, with one lid.

She instantly put one Huge stuffed green pepper in each one. No way would two of them fit in one container, they were big!
'Why only one lid? , thats all i could find. Instantly she popped a tupperware lid out of thin air, that fit!

Anyhow, One sliced in half fills a good sized soup bowl -
looks like four meals out of those two stuffed peppers.

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You aren't going to believe this, but I swear that it is true. My DH's brother bought a brand new pickup truck, so my DH offered to give him $1000 for his old truck. His brother just gave us the truck. DH has already been offered $2500 for it. Generous BIL don't you think?

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I gave my brother a small pickup truck a few years back. I had bought it brand new and had driven it for nine years. Then I had kids and the truck didn't have room or the safety features I needed. I loved my truck and would have cried if I had sold it so I gave it away to my brother who I knew needed it. There are some things in life that are worth more than money.

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It seems I'm the recipient of everything anybody doesn't want anymore. Most of my yard is planted with free plants. Two of my neighbors died and left me tons of free stuff.

Last week I got a free quart of Spinach dip from work that they were giving away rather than throwing it out. I gave it to the kids at work to share during their breaks. Today I got free lunch at work..leftovers from a food demo.

Now, if someone would just give me a free car, I'd be happy!

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My two daughters were at the pizza parlor near closing time. The staff gave away any odd slices left over. They got about 20 slices of various kinds of pizzas, stuff like chicken pizza and meatball pizza, stuff I wouldn't ordinarily buy but was interested in "trying". It was a great haul! Oh, they close at 1 am, so my kids weren't out really late. They are 18 and 19 and no longer have a cUrfew.

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