Which are the better shingles?

likryAugust 16, 2005

I have had a few roofing bids come in and they are pretty close to each other(the lowest uses IKO shingles which I have done some research on and would not ever consider). They are Certainteed XT 25 yr, Certainteed Landmark 30 yr and Elk Prestique 30 yr. Which is the better shingle?

Also, one roofer said he would use a 36" ice shield. He said it is code(we have none now). Others use 72". Is it really of any benefit to use a 72" shield?


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Based on your location, IKO is the better choice!

Don't base your decision on bad research or opinions of roofers. They, IKO, manufactures shingles based on regional performance. IKO is a good choice. Wilmington, DE is the local mfgr near you.


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Well, as soon as every roofer looked at the roof, they new it was IKO shingles, before even going up on the roof. They seem to be made for cold weather. Yes it gets really cold here, but the summers are also very hot and humid and I get southern sun most of the day on my roof for months(house is on an angle) . I was told and have read on various roofing and home repair forums that IKO has little UV protection. My roof shingles are crumbling after only 12 years. Some neighbors replaced at least portions of their roof at 10 years(same builder/same shingles. I can look out my window and see the horribly crumbling roofs of many of my neighbors. Sorry, but I just can't afford to use IKO again.

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I vote for Certainteed. The XT25 is the "extra-tough" a little heavier with a 25-year life and is a typical 3-tab shingle. The Landmark is an architectural style 2-piece which some people prefer the look of.

I consulted with friends who are quite knowledgeable about the shingle testing standards (the firm they work for actually writes a lot of the standards as well as performs independent testing of shingles and other building materials) and they say Certainteed is the way to go.

Hope this helps.

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We just had Elk architectural shingles installed on our roof with a 30 year 85 mile an hour wind rating.

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EVERY roofing mfgr has a file full of failure complaints. Certainteed is one of them! I sold their shingles for 12 years along with others. They ALL have failures!

I think you need to be sure that the shingles, whichever you choose, are installed with adequate ventilation. They will all perform well when installed correctly.

Ice & Water Shield should be installed at least 12" beyond the inside wall. Sometimes one width is enough. If you have exceptionally large soffits, then two widths may be required.

BTW, Ice & Water Shield should NEVER be used to prevent damage that is caused by poor attic ventilation. Most ice and water backup is caused by overheated attics due to improper vents and not enough insulation.


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Yes, Michael, you are right about attic ventilation, but when you have a forced air heated house and two huge handlers in the attic, with miles of duct work, you are never going to get the temperature of that roof down sufficiently to prevent a very big difference between the attic temps and the soffit temps. As for the shield, one roofer suggested as high as nine feet, all the other say three. I have soffits in one area that are almost two and a half feet, and yet I am being told that too much shield is not great for the roof. The roofer I plan on using prefers GAf shield to the Grace, and I am not really sure whether there is a difference to worry about there.

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Two weeks ago I had Elk shingles installed after the Certain-Teed 20 year failed after 13 years. They were crumbling and washing down the gutters. Now I have 40 year Elk which are suppose to last 30 years. The roof doesn't have much pitch to it so I excluded the ridge vent. The roofer thinks I should get some money back from Certain-Teed. Lot's of luck.

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The roof doesn't have much pitch to it so I excluded the ridge vent.

What kind of attic ventilation do you have?


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I reroofed my house a few years ago and went with the Elk Prestique Plus. I'm high on a mountain ridge top and get 90+ mph winds in winter storms. Our temps are relatively mild but do have 100+ in summer on occasion. The Elk has done great and looks like new. Good Luck!

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These threads should be linked.


Here is a link that might be useful: Experience

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How do you know if you're being ripped off and they put 15yr. shingles on your roof instead of 25yr. shingles? How can you tell the difference??

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When they come with the shingles to install, grab one of the tags/labels from the stack. If necessary, ask the contractor for one "so you can have it for your records in case you need to make a warranty claim".

BTW, it's unlikely a contractor would cheat you that way. 90% of the cost of reroofing is labor, not materials.

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