In the market for a serger..what is your fav and what should I

blatylcas2001February 18, 2008

look for? I can't spend a lot of $$, I am hoping to find one around $250 or less.


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Try Allbrands online in LA. They usually have good buys.

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I bought a Brother several years ago, 4 thread serger, $250 including shipping - it has been a good buy, no trouble. I did have a friend teach me how to thread the machine, although it came threaded. You can just tie on new thread and pull it through when changing out thread, but at some point you really need to learn and practice threading the machine. Threading can be difficult in sergers, but not impossible.


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I bought my first serger from the classified ads. It was a Babylock, very basic model and I paid $250 for it. I used it for 10 years before moving up to a TOL serger. I ended up selling it on ebay for about $225.

I'd look for a good used model because you can get more machine for your money. Try Craigslist, posting on Sewits, and watch your Little Nickle ads. I'd also check with local dealers - they often get machines as trade ins. They service them, then resell them, often with a warranty and lessons.

If I bought it from a private party, the first thing I would do would be to take it to a good serviceperson and have it serviced. I'd also try to make sure a manual came with it. But, often, you can get older manuals either from ebay, TIAS, or the manufacturer, so that wouldn't have to be a deal breaker.

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Zone 8grandma,what is this "sewits" is that a website for used sewing stuff?

I put it in the google search and it came up empty.

I may be looking to buy a new serger as well,as mine is giving me problems after 25 years and lots of use.The wheel won't turn all the way,kinda like it's frozen up somewhere.I'm taking it to the shop this week,so depending on what they tell me,i may be getting a new one as well.

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Sorry - Sewits is an online user group for buying/selling personal sewing stuff (machines, notions, fabric). Commercial selling isn't allowed. It's basically an online garage sale for us sewists. I've bought patterns, books, thread, etc. And I've seen sewing machines and sergers listed. I tried to post the link but GardenWeb blocked my post.

If you want to email me directly, click on "My Page" and send me an email that way and I'll send you the link.

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Thanks grandma,just emailed you.

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