Seeking advice - how much to charge?

joyfulguyNovember 30, 2004

Hi all,

Though this is slightly off topic, I hope that you all won't mind.

My old step-uncle died several months ago. The executors of the estate were concerned that the house look lived-in, to avoid break-ins, vandalism, etc.

I agreed to help and have made a 25-mile round trip there almost daily since that time.

I've fed a dog and about 4 - 9 cats, bought feed for them (for which I'll be reimbursed), etc. Ran pump to wter cattle daily, which included for others' cattle in recent months.

They are asking me to submit an account for this service.

I have little idea how much to ask for. Have been thinking $15.00 - $25.00 or $30.00 per day, possibly.

Anyone have some suggestions?


There's a fuller account under the same title in the "Retirement" forum.

Good wishes to you all.

ole joyful

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Generally I have found that people are a lot more comfortable paying for things when everything is itemized and put into different categories. As a result, I would account for the mileage, time, and supplies separately, and then arrive at a total that way.

I would decide on a reasonable hourly rate for my time, then multiply that by the average length of each trip, measured from the time I left my own home until the time I returned.

Then I would add a per-mile rate for reimbursement of your vehicle expenses. In situations like this, many people use whatever figure the government is currently allowing as a mileage allowance for tax purposes.

Finally, I'd add whatever I had spent for feed or other supplies.

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I don't know if this is applicable in your area, but I would look to see what a local conceirge service costs.

For example, a conceirge service in our area costs $25/hour plus the IRS rate for mileage, and 10% extra.

So if I have them pick up drycleaning for me it is $25/service + mileage + 10% of the cost of the service (unless otherwise negotiated).

Obviously this is on the high side of what you probably are thinking of charging but gives you a sort of worst case sceanario.

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Tell them $25/day to start or if they want you will give them an itemized bill for your services. Let them know that you don't know how much over $25 it will be. Very politely, friendly, and peacefully discuss this with them.

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Hi all,

There's a magazine around here that used to be called, "Today's Seniors" and was aimed at the over 50 crowd.

A few years ago they changed their name to, ... wait for it ...

... "Forever Young", if you can believe it.

Those of you who have gotten rather used to my sense of humour (f anyone ever can!) around here can guess how much kidding I gave them over that one.

Anyway - a couple advertise that they'll check your home daily while you're away, so I called them this morning, but got answering machine, so will call again later.

They may have some good suggestions.

ole joyful

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I travelled out to oversee Uncle's home for about 11 months, and was thinking of charging around $25.00 per day.

The executors paid me more than that.

But - the cheque that the lawyer sent was a duplicate, that they'd stopped payment on. I thought that they'd lifted the stop payment - but they hadn't, so it bounced.

They haven't issued a replacement, yet.

Expect that they will.

Good wishes for creative use of your everyday life.

It's a poor day that you don't learn comething.

ole joyful

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