Shirt Sleeve Seams

ben_950February 16, 2009


I'm trying to wrap my head around how the seam, running the length of the sleeve, is sewn in commercially made shirts. It appears to be a simple flat felled seam. But how is this achieved considering the sleeve is a tube? Is there a specialized commercial machine with a long skinny arm that fits down the sleeve? Is it possible to make this seam at home?

Just hoping someone can shed some light while I await my copy of David Coffin's book.


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Good question - and when you find the answer please tell the rest of us - now you have me wondering as well.

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Well, I've done it in the past, but it's slow going. I can see it in my head, I'll try to explain. Imagine placing a squashed tube(a spring?,a slinky?)around your pressure foot. This would be your basted(squashed)sleeve with your flat fell seam pressed, ready to stitch, facing you. Place the inside(bottom)edge under the needle and start stitching the pressed under edge. As you go, the sleeve moves away from you until you're done and the sleeve is no longer under the foot. I hope this makes sense. I don't know how it's done commercially.

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