Anyone Own a Pfaff 1222 Machine?

marilyn_sueFebruary 22, 2014

Anyone Own a Pfaff 1222 Machine? I bought one at least ten years ago at a garage sale. I paid five dollars for it. I used it for awhile and then it stopped working. The needle does not go up and down, so I put it away and recently got it out. I am thinking of taking it to a sewing machine repair shop and have it cleaned and fixed. I just wondered if you have one and how well you like yours. Any tips about taking a machine to have fixed. Do you ask for an estimate on how much it will cost before hand?


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I had one - my SO's daughter has it now. I really LIKED that machine.

Before you take it to the shop, clean it and lubricate it according to the instruction manual, especially looking for thread caught in places thread should not be.

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Thanks Lazygardens for the tip. I do have the instruction manual for it, it is not in the greatest shape but it probably tells how to take it a part and clean it. I have been sewing today. I finished up the pink and white sundress trimmed in med. white rick rack for my Granddaughter who will be 3 next week and now I am working on the matching hat. They are made out of Tutti Frutti fabric from Joann's. I hope I stay in the mood to sew. I have a lot I can do. Does anyone else have a Pfaff 1222 sewing machine?

Sue in Central Indiana

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I have a Pfaff 1222 and recently cleaned it and tuned it. (I bought it around November and it was in good shape.)

There is also a service manual available online in PDF format, IIRC, as well as in the FILES section of an "old Pfaff sewing machines" yahooforum. That is an excellent resource.

Caveat: If you go to oil the machine, be very careful to be judicial and light in the sewing machine oil application. You want to avoid getting any oil on the nylon camstack or gears, or on the steel lugged fiber belt. AND ALSO, do not allow oil to drip down to the bottom of the machine as it has a good chance of harming the circuit board/chip board in the bottom of the Pfaff 1222.

I had to ask other owners how to remove the face plate as I couldn't find that in the owner's or service manual.

If you decide to have a sewing machine service place look at your machine, be picky about who you select. Go to a real shop, one that works on, perhaps sells & regularly services older Pfaffs. These are wonderful machines and it sounds as though you got a good deal on yours. There _are_ some potential expensive issues with second hand machines, however. You can yourself check to be sure that the camstack (white nylon series of cams in one unit) at the top (take top off to see this) is not cracked or broken.
There is also a nylon gear at the bottom that can crack or break. You DO NOT want to apply any oil or grease to these nylon gear/cam parts as the petrochemicals will break down the nylon.

Your post was about a month ago. Did you get you sewing machine (Pfaff 1222) working, tuned and lubricated? How is it working for you? Let us know. And if you decide you no longer want the machine, I'd be interested.

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Hi Marilyn_Sue,

I have one! I got mine second hand, probably paid more than I should have, but love mine. I don't have a manual so have struggled to learn to use it. But recently found a great video on YouTube which was quite helpful. I did read the comment above about the yahoo forum but have not figured out how to navigate my way into the useful info I heard exists there. I took mine apart myself and oiled it. Do be careful as the info above is indeed correct. How do you like it thus far? I have two other Pfaff's which are also great machines. Any chance I could get a PDF copy of your manual?

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