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marie26November 4, 2005

I was at my local supermarket "Super 1" and caught an error at the cash register which the cashier corrected. On the way out, I was looking over my receipt and found another mistake. I was charged full price for a sale item. I went back to the customer service counter and I was given back the full cost of the item

I was told by 2 persons at the customer service counter that the scanning person was out sick so mistakes happen. I said back to one that perhaps they should have a sign that warned people to be extra careful of their prices on days without this person. Also, the store assistant manager told me that the store's policy is to give you the item for free should they charge you a wrong price. This surprised me because I had never been given the full price back for any of their previous mistakes.

So, it pays to check your prices and find out the store's policy from management.

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Here in Michigan we have the "scanning law". If you are overcharged and the price on the item is lower than the one scanned, they must give you the difference back PLUS 10 times the amount of the overcharge up to $5. But, don't tell them at the register, because they can just change the price and no "scanning reward".
I was overcharged on garbage bags by 50 cents. That meant a return of my 50 cent overcharge plus a $5 "reward". To top it off, they had to give it to me again one month later, no one had fixed it! If the stores want to pay me to shop, then fine!
Kathy G in MI

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We have one store which honors the "you get the item for free" policy.....most others will give you the money you were overcharged back....the excuse I hear most often is "the guy hasn't gotten the sale price into the computer yet". I agree it pays to check your saleslip...and if possible before you leave the store (so you don't have to drive back).

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