Leak in Basement Cedar Closet

cube1067August 25, 2008

My home was built in 1950's. Last few months I noticed a musty odor coming from a basement closet. Always used those crystal dry-outs, and would replace it every few months, but this odor was new. I am investigating, and I see water slowly seeping up between the tiles on the floor. If I put a paper towel down at night, there is a circle of wetness on it in the next day. I see no ceiling drips; all wetness seem to start at the floor.

Can someone tell me how I get an architectural plan of my home from the city so that I can see where underground pipes are located?

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I don't know of any city that keeps plans for private structures. For water coming from underneath, it will probably entail some 'exploratory excavation' to locate the cause. You might want to have an experienced plumber examine your home to try to determine the source before digging up the floor.

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I assume the floor tiles you are talking about are vinyl tiles. Are you dealing with a home on a slab or do you have a basement? Here is what I'd guess is happening - this is what we're dealing with.

The concrete foundation floor under your tiles has cracked due to settling - not abnormal for this to happen. Then you get heavy rains or use sprinklers alot. Water goes into the soil and gets under the house and foundation and the water's pressure causes it to come up through the cracks and tiles.

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