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musicteacherAugust 13, 2014

I want to put an under-cabinet trash can in my kitchen, but first would need to remove a fixed shelf. It is a "permanent " shelf, with no visible means of support, so I must assume it is screwed or nailed from the outside of the cabinet (which I don't have access to). It is a tight space so there is really no room to just sledgehammer it out. Dang, I pretty much just talked myself out of it, just now : ) but am hoping some of you may have an idea. ?

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Cut the shelf in half front to rear.

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I NEVER would have thought of that. Thank you.

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Just bear in mind that the edge of the shelf may be set in a groove on both sides, as well as the back, and in any case is probably nailed and certainly glued in place. When you cut through the shelf, don't expect it to just collapse in two pieces. In fact, it may take some doing to completely remove it, and there will probably be residual damage to the inside of the cabinet.

If it were me, I would consider using a sabre saw to cut out a piece of the shelf big enough to accommodate the trash can, and leave the rest of the shelf in place.

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