Does sweeping the roof remove granules from the shingles?

needinfo001August 11, 2014

I have a large tree that overhangs the back side of my roof.
The roof was installed in 11/2009. It was swept once about a year later when a roofer fixed a leak at a vent flashing. Over the last 4 years it has gotten a lot of leaves and broken twigs and debris on it from the tree.
I went up to sweep it about 2 weeks ago. Was that a mistake?
Did i remove a lot of granules in the process?

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No. Sweeping a roof once a year does not harm it.

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You would have seen any granular displacement while you were sweeping.

The granuals are an impregnated coloring agent.

There total removal will shorten the life expectancy of the product.

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Sweeping won't but walking on it will.

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Have you considered that removing the overhanging tree will eliminate the tree debris on the roof and thus eliminate the perceived need for sweeping?

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