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anncarolynAugust 14, 2009

My mother has two concrete steps leading to her front door. Over the course of 40 years, the steps have settled making a difference of 2" (toward the house wall) from one end of the steps to the other end. The steps have pulled away from the wall at the settled end. Is there a way to fix this and level the steps without having new steps built? These steps are NEVER used (everyone ALWAYS goes into the house using the porch that leads to the den). The look of the steps sinking toward the house wall just bothers me. Help if you can. Thanks,


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Couple options.

  1. Strong arms and backs, shim ( rocks etc.) the steps into alignment.
  2. Contract a mud jacker. They will pump grout under the steps and float them into position.

In either option, there should be a drainage tilt away from the structure.

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