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barb_roselover_inFebruary 23, 2010

I have been doing quite a bit of alterations lately. I let all of my own stuff go while DH was so very sick. I have a heavy jacket which had a standup collar. It came too far up on my neck (I hope I can make you understand what happened). I cut it down and am now ready to re-affix this collar. It is heavyweight material. I really need to take some of the thickness out of this because I don't think my machine can handle it. Are there any tips as far as perhaps affixing hem tape or something of a lighter weight to the seam allowances and put the collar back on without it being very noticeable? I worry that you won't understand what I am getting at but don't know how to describe the situation any better. - Barb

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Separate the collar parts and sew on the machine, just the outside of the collar to the jacket. Then turn the inside seam line of the collar under, and press so you have a neat fold. Then blind stitch--sometimes called slip stitch by hand the inside of the collar to the jacket.

If you don't know how to blind stitch this is how. Attach the thread in the fold. Bring your thread out right on your pressed fold line. Take a small stitch in the jacket right on the sewing line where you sewed on the outside collar. Then into the fold on the fold line. Run the thread along in the fold a little bit, then out of the fold on the fold line, and take another stitch in the jacket. Your stitches are running parallel to the sewn seam line and should be small and even.

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