How long to wait before caulking - new construction?

pbx2_gwAugust 10, 2013

We moved into this new construction in Mid April.
As the house is settling, some of the adjacent window trims, areas around the vanity backsplash, & door trims has begun to separate.

According to builder's warranty - caulking is our responsibility but he said to wait until the 1 year anniversary to let the house settle before caulking.

If I do that, I am afraid the house will not be 'tight' during the cooler months. But then, I really don't want to have to keep recaulking as the house settles into its final position.

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated!

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The beauty of a good quality caulk is it's ability to move with expansion and contraction, I say caulk I don't see the need to wait a year.

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If a good caulking isn't enough to cover the gap...the house is moving too much.

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If your house is settling you need to consult a structural engineer to find out why and if it will continue. If it is frame shrinkage you need to verify that green or undried lumber was not used.

Why would filling interior cracks affect heating or cooling?

Why would any of this work not be the responsibility of the builder?

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Use a good elastomeric caulk, not the cheap painter's caulk which will crack with movement.

I would wait until humidity is about mid point between the high and lows of your home. That way, when the moldings expand and contract with the seasons, the amount of movement the caulk it must manage successfully will fall somewhere in the middle and hopefully within its performance range, not the full span, not too much or too little applied. (Hard to describe!)

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