Save the socks!!

krissie55November 2, 2012

When you take off your socks, be sure and pin the toes together with a safety pin before tossing into the laundry basket. No more unmatched or lost socks.

Using a medium or large safety pin works better, more sock pinned reducing chance of holes being made in the sock during the wash if small pins are used.

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Great tip.... Here are a few more.

*Learn how to darn socks to give them longer use. Use matching embroidery floss or yarn for darning material.

*When beyond repair, save old socks for other uses.

-Slip shoes in old socks when traveling to keep dirt or polish from rubbing onto your clothing.

-Wear an old sock on your hand when you polish shoes to keep your hand clean and to cover you sleeve if wearing long sleeves.

-Use as an applicator (car wax, furniture polish, etc.).

-Use as a hot pack by filling it with rice and microwaving the rice. Or holding an ice pack.

-Store items in them, such as cords.

-Make the kids some sock puppets.

-Cut the cuff off of socks and use it as a glass cozie to absorb moisture from a cold drink.

-Bath mitt.

-Keep some in your car and slip your wet umbrella into an old sock to keep it from getting water all over your car.

-Emergency neck pillow. Stuff your socks with other small items of clothing and you'll have an instant neck pillow.

Helpful hint:
I like to buy socks by-the-bag. When I get them home I pair them, and using embroidery floss, I sew a different color on the toe of each pair so matching them is easy.

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I buy identical socks by the bag. If one goes missing, I just set it aside till another does the same, then I still have only pairs left. I am quite lazy. Saving energy and my time is more valuable than a little money. tiom

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I do the same thing jannie. Saves on having to buy and keep track of safety pins!

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Likewise--I only buy socks if I can get multiple, identical pairs. Even those 'cute' patterned socks--if I cannot get 2 pairs, I don't buy them. Really extends the life of them when you can still match them up, even when one goes missing

Not a fan of the safety pin thing--safety pins are going to do too much damage to the socks in today's high-spin washers and dryers. That may have been a better solution back before we went to the front-loading washers.

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My husband and I were on a long car trip and I had tennis elbow. When the AC air hit my elbow it really, really hurt. When we stopped I found a pair socks with the long top, cut the sock part off and slipped the cuff on my more discomfort.

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Keep a mesh laundry bag next to or in your bedroom hamper. Toss socks in as you take them off.

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I buy socks in the summer when they go on sale. I buy about 15 pairs for each child to start the new school year. Each child gets his/her own style. This keeps me from having to do laundry as often, sorting socks for each person is easy, and we don't have a bunch of mismatched pairs laying around. Also, I've gone to buying black socks for the boys. If the socks get stained, it doesn't show and I'm not embarrassed when they take their shoes off in public.

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I'm not into darning socks, I wear until threadbare and there's not much to darn on a heel that's gone.
Old worn socks get filled with catnip for HRH.

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