Older home that settled at one end

dave11August 7, 2010

The house was built in 1951, in western PA with rocky soil. It's built into the side of a hill, with the basement garage at grade level, and the far side of the basement below grade. Concrete basement floor with block walls.

Using a level, it seems the house has settled at the end that is built into the hill. Not really apparent when viewing the house from a distance, but enough to measure. The only cracks are in the block walls at the driveway end of the house, at grade level, where there was separation of no more than a 1/4 inch. This was patched sometime in the past with what looks like hydraulic cement.

The basement in fact is quite dry and has never had water in it than I can tell. The upstairs walls all appear to be intact with original plaster work and no cracks.

In the ground along the side of the house that has settled, there is some sort of drain running not far below the surface, but appears to be blocked up. Looks like it was placed a long time ago.

Given the age of the house and the fact that the settling appears old, and no new problems have arisen in the past few years, is there any reason to do anything other than ensure good drainage along the hill side of the house?


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Not able to determine anything from your sparse description and no photos.

It is unlikley the house has settled at all and if you are using a 4 foot bubble level on the garage floor, what you are seeing may only be the slope for the garage floor slab that is required to be there.

Only way to determine if there is settling is to shoot the foundation with a transit or laser level.

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