Saving money by thrift shopping

reddyfreddyNovember 19, 2006

My wife and I travel in our RV much of the year and we're on a pretty tight budget.

We save money on many of our normal needs by shopping at thrift shops.

Because we travel we found it difficult to actually locate good thrit stores. We saw the link below posted on an RVers board we read. The site has a directory or thrift stores and if you really like thrift shopping they have much more for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: TheThriftShopper.Com

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Welcome to Garden Web and This Home Site.

I see you just joined yesterday.

Do you have a computer in your RV? If so, how wonderful...all the comforts of home while traveling. I guess you have some sort of a wireless service that you are able to use it when RVing around to different places. Tell us about it expensive? Is it dependable?...or might you have to use the library when traveling to look up the thrift shops on your site?

I find the yellow pages of any phone book lists all of the thrift shops in an area just great, and like to frequent those that are raising funds especially for the needy.

Have you ever been to the Highway 50 yardsale? I forget how many hundred miles long it is. I've heard it almost runs coast to coast, and is touted as the world's biggest yard sale.

There is another one that starts in Kentucky and runs clear down to the gulf coast.

Anyone ever been to either of those?

I have some friends that live out of their RV. In the summer they are the Host and Hostess at the local State Park. By helping out by keeping an eye out for any campers disobeying the rules, and helping out in different ways, they are given free camping for their whole stay.

When the weather turns cold here in Indiana, and camping slows, they roll on down south, and are host and hostess again in a southern campground for the winter months.

Sounds like a fun life to me, but think I would always want to have a 'fixed' place of my own to call home to come back to.


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o j

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Thanks for the link reddy_freddy! A very interesting site with a "thrifty" discussion board too! And FREE to join!

I see that only charity stores are listed and anyone can submit their favorite charity store.

I'm going to bookmark this site.

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If you pull into the parking lot of some travel hotels, you can pick up thier wireless. Most desk clerks can be shmoozed
We're going to get a network card and use cell from now on though. Laptops rock!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana




Curly Sue

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Hi curly,

Store your surplus stuff in a storage facility when you travel.

Don't know what you do when you come back and want to put a foot to ground for a while, though - I'm sure they won't let you camp out in your storage unit.

Lacking an easy-going relative/friend, maybe seek a boarding place.

ole joyful

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reddy_freddy; I had my first cross country camping experience this summer and was surprised and pleased to find that most campsites have internet access for guests. I'm talking about the ones that cater to RV and have cabins to rent. And those that do not have wireless always have a computer at the office and are more than happy to look things up for guests who are staying there. At least at the places where I was staying did.

I can get internet access on my cell phone but no surfing like a real computer.

Where I live, the city has free wireless internet access at the parks. There is talk of making Milwaukee the first city in the nation with wireless access throughout the whole city. It would be a perk to residents and an incentive for tourists to book conventions here.

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Technology is just amazing!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

No chance of me being away from home for any length of time. I'm a home body, and usually hate going into town.

2,3,4, or 5 little vacations a year are enough to suit me.

I did get to stay in motel earlier this year, that had a computer in the lobby just for those staying there. I was amazed how quickly I could surf everywhere I wanted to in such a short length of time...hardly missed any sleep, using it into the night when no one else wanted on.


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Curly Sue,

I use computers on the road, as well.

I was thankful that, though they limited the time that one could use their lobby computer during day and evening at a Methodist conference centre that I attended last year in NC, they didn't fuss if one used it longer, late at night - which suited me, a notorious old night-hawk.

Pooh Bear told me where to go, while I was there, so that I could visit him near Chattanooga on the return trip.

I also could use one of about three in a corner of the lobby at a substantial, sort of economy hotel (Travelodge?) in Edmonton three years ago when I went out for my nephew's wedding.

Quite a number of libraries let one use their connections, most of them without fee, though quite a number allow only a short length of time - though sometimes, if one seeks out a quiet corner, one can find one where there are fewer restrictions.

I find that really helpful.

ole joyful

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