Help me store please.

TiaCMay 21, 2013

Hey everyone..I have posted a pic of the almost finished ktichen and need help with storing daily essentials. Being a rented place, I cannot drill holes in the walls for vertical storage and have to make do with whats available. Also, there's no pantry, and the refridgerator is outside the kitchen. I prefer to hand wash the dishes, hence ok without a dishwasher.
Its not an open kitchen, as generally Indian kitchens are confined to a room. Thanks.

PS - Thanks draker_2008 for your guidance. Since am a day old here, didn't know how to go about it.

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Here's another shot of it.

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Sherrie Moore

Could you buy and use some freestanding shelving? Is there room for that?

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Hello buckeyegoldenmom,

I did try some freestanding shelving, but unfortunately it obstructed the entry/exit area.

Also, I forgot to mention, there is only a single shelf (running throughout countertop)behind each cabinet door, and nothing under the sink except a cylinder that pumps gas to the cook top.

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As far as your budget permits you can get

- countertop shelves

- cart

- or a shelving unit (but you may have to drill holes for this)

You can also get plastic boxes/chests.

I hope your homeowner would do something about all those things in the window wall.

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Hi sena01,

Thank you for your suggestions. I am contemplating to order the corner shelves, budget permitted.

We don't have IKEA here in India (praying it opens soon here).

Am sceptical about plastic boxes/chest, as it could lead to a disaster, considering the counter cook top.

Unfortunately, nothing can be done about the window wall.

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