Garage door intermittently stopping on close!

peiklkAugust 6, 2008

Have a metal/steel garage door with a Genie Intellicode screwdrive opener. It always worked fine before, but for some reason now it keeps stopping during closing. Goes up just fine.

First things first... The sensors ARE lined up and are NOT giving any code signals of a problem. They are not blocked by anything at all. There is nothing hitting the bottom of the door either to send it back up.

So with that out of the way...

What happens is that you press the button, it will start down, get about 10-12 inches down, then stop and reverse. We hit the button to stop the reverse and again to send it down some more. It will go a little more, then reverse. Same click to stop, click to send down. After 3-4 rounds of this the door will shut eventually. It seems to correspond with when a door panel is making the turn at the top of the track (going from horizontal to vertical)

Usually after it's gone 1/2 way down, it will continue unabated.

*IF* I press the button to send it down and apply the barest amount of downward pressure on the door as it goes down, it goes with no stopping at all. None. I think this is why when it gets about 1/2 way down, there is enough weight on the vertical side to help pull down the rest of the door.

The track is clean, we tried even to oil that with WD-40. We swapped the batteries in the remotes. Nothing seems to work with this. Door moves smoothly in the track. It's like something is telling the opener that there is an obstruction, but there is not. And none of the sensors are actually being tripped.

Any ideas at all???

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You will find a control labeled "close force" on that motor unit. Increase it clockwise and try. Just enough to close the door consistently. This also affects the amount of pressure the motor will apply before reversing so don't go overboard.

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You say the sensors are aligned and working but watch them as the door is closing. One of them could be loose and wobbling out of alignment as the door is closing.

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