Where do i find 14 1/2 ft replacement boards for oak flooring?

needinfo001August 15, 2014

I have oak hardwood floors. They are 3/4 inch thick and 2 1/4 wide. They are original to the house. Some of the boards are over 14 feet long.
I need to make some repairs to a spot that has rotted out because of a leak in a wall.
Since most of the boards are very long i dont want to replace the 5 or 6 damaged ones with small sizes that they sell at the big box stores.

I there any place that i can go to get lengths that are 10 to over 14 feet long?

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More than likely not unless you go to a mill and have them custom milled. Expect to pay a tremendous amount of money for a few long length's if you even find someone to run them for you.

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Contact a flooring company. They often have odd lots of flooring---and your species/size are common.

Otherwise, outside of Craigs list /etc., what millworkman advised.

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For the right price,a cabinet shop or hardwood dealer can special order them for you. I don't want to say for certain based on a picture but I'm not convinced it is oak. At any rate,unless there is great historical or sentimential value attached,I would use ash. Any accomplished woodworker should be able to do the same since the floor has been stained already.

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Those do look like oak. However, if you replace them, the two main issues are: 1) if they are tongue and groove boards, it is going to be a hassle to remove them without doing damage to adjacent boards; and 2) getting a finish to match. Are those boards really rotted, or just discolored from water exposure?

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