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wantoretire_didNovember 7, 2006

I needed some pepperoni at the deli counter. Their already sliced (small) was least expensive. It was fine as I just needed it for a salad. If they slice from larger, it was $1.50 more per lb., and the prepackaged was even more per lb.

In Staples, read a sign that they pay $3.00 for empty cartridges from HP, Lexmark and a couple others.

Every little bit helps.


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Always good to know those things, but I find that Staples (at least around here) charges about $10 more per cartridge than Wall-Mart does for the same name brands, so that $3 dollar saving, would still put me $7 or more in the hole. I'm assuming that you have to be buying a new cartridge to get that saving, right? One thing I've found at Staples, though--they usually have some really good rebates. Usually displayed near the check out counter, sometimes you get the product free if you take the time to mail in the form.

One great thing about the supermarket deli's around here. Wegman's opened up last winter--they have fantastic prices. Their fat-free ham is 3.99/pound, for example. I haven't seen it that cheap in years. But since they've arrived, the other supermarkets have lower their prices on many items, so as not to lose customers. And everyone's comparing their prices to W's in their ads now!

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Staples didn't stipulate that the cartridges had to have been purchased there.

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