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budsterNovember 6, 2006

Using the pumpkin we bought from a charity for Halloween. I see so many pumpkins sitting rotting away on my neighbors lawns and porches (OK good for compost) but I admit I'm old school and make the most of a good thing (in this case the pumpkin)..... roasted the seeds and set aside some others for next years garden, cooked the pumpkin in the oven and scooped out all the great inner flesh (most of which is now frozen for pies, muffins and breads), made two batches of pumpkin cranberry muffins as well as a couple of pumpkin loaves .....oh and a fresh pumpkin pie as well. The last bits of the outter flesh went into the compost....Yes I did garbage the stem and the inner bits....but I am feeling good about making the most of what we purchased. So many pumpkins are now sitting atop garbage cans or tossed out ....anyone else feel the same about trying to make the most of simple things we have (OK that might not be a profound statement but I think you get my drift). Budster (whose niece and nephews think she is too looney for words)

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The huge carving pumpkins we get are lousy for baking.... glad yours worked out!

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yes, i utilize the pumpkin also..I make pumpkin soup,scoop out the fleshy insides,boil it down to soften it,place in a blender, then add back to stock pot with all kinds of good ingredients...If you've never had pumpkin soup, try it, it is great

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I say this as I asked my niece about her most impressive display of 6 lovely uncut pumpkins she placed around her flower beds.....she sniffed and turned up her nose when I suggested cooking a couple and using the flesh in cooking. Too much work she said......and then *sighed* and complained over the expense of grocery items....one of which was a large can of pumpkin pie fill. She asked me to help her *trim* her budget...but somehow it doesn't seem to get through. Ah well, I was always the "odd" auntie.

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We make jack-o-lanterns each year and always roast the seeds from the pumpkins. The big orange carving pumpkins are not best for cooking or baking (very little flesh) and once they're carved, I was told not to eat since they do grow quite a bit of bacteria at that point. Once Halloween is over, we toss the pumpkins onto the empty lot next to our house for the deer to eat. We buy them cheap at the farm stands and I've never felt we've wasted anything. I read somewhere that canned pumkin isn't pumkin at all, but squash.

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"I read somewhere that canned pumkin isn't pumkin at all, but squash."

Nope - my can says 100% pumpkin. Maybe the generics are squash, though...

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Hi bud/punkin,

Nice to see your face again.

So - your relatives found that you were looney, huh?

We've known that for long enough!

(Is it true that Loonies are attracted to loonies?)

Ask your niece which she'd prefer ... $100. extra employment income, or to save $100. on a purchase, without interfering with her chosen lifestyle?

As most of the stuff that we buy isn't deductible, it'd take $133.33333 of increased income from employment (before income tax erosion), if her marginal tax rate is 25%, to equal $100.00 of savings on an item that she wants to buy, if she can get equivalent value for (tax-paid) $100. less.

ole joyful

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If it's Libby's pumkin, according to their Web site their canned puree is made from "Dickinson pumpkin", a tan-skinned squash that belongs to the same family as butternut squash.

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