Spotted a simple gift today........

budsterNovember 20, 2006

A glass bottle of cocoa (think of an empty large size soya sauce bottle), and a couple of shakers with "cinnamon sugar" and "confectioner sugar" on the labels(large spice jar type bottles ) ..... this whole thing of three simple items was on SALE....for a wonderous price of $l9.99 didn't name any exotic type or brand of cocoa just "cocoa" and as for the sugars...well they seem pretty straight forward. A combination of these with a mug and inside a basket (both of which are available in abundance at the dollar store).....well with bulk cocoa powder and homemade sugars...I know I can do this easily for just a few dollars. I am sure someone will buy the expensive item but for me.....I'll go for the low cost EVERYTIME.

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I love these sorts of things. $2 worth of merchandise and $2 worth of packaging = $97 retail. So much easier to steal their idea and make it yourself for the original $4.

I'm hoping to have a heavily handmade and affordable holiday season. I've been posting ideas on my blog, but would love to hear what others have come up with.

Here is a link that might be useful: craftfetish blog

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Was thrilled to find a cute gift at the Christmas Tree Shoppes--an adorable mug (with a cow painted on it) with a packet of Cocoa inside, cello-wrapped--3/$1. Figure I'll add a little bag of marshmallows and a chocolate spoon and it will make a nice 'little' extra for the teens I'm giving gift certificates to.

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Can anyone here spell "Gap"?

How about going into business for yourself - markup over 1,000%.

Get a good filtering system.

Get some plastic bottles.

Run municipal water from your tap through the filter.

Into the bottles.

Sell the filled bottles for $1.00 each ...

... or, if you don't want to be greedy - 50 cents.

That's what Coke, Pepsi, Danone, Nestle, et al. do.

Municipal water in almost all areas is more stringently and more frequently tested than bottled water.

Have yourselves a happy week, everyone.

ole joyful

P.S. We bi!ch about the price of gas ...

... but nary a peep about the price of bottled water!!

Human beings are reasonable?

Who says so?

o j

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I can't believe someone would spend $19.99 (even on sale) for cocoa powder and sugar....!!!!!!!!! But the idea is a good one for those of us who can do it for pennies.

I've been making flavored cocoa mixes for years and giving it in all kinds of inexpensive containers (usually bought at the end-of-Christmas sales) as part of our traditional homemade baskets/trays/bags/cups/jars of food for friends and family. I guess this year I'll have to add a shaker of cinnamon sugar and confectioners' sugar to punch it up a bit... I have a source for mini-marshmallows that I've also added to the cocoa mix.

I also paint a primative skinny snowman with a black tophat onto the top 1/3 of a long cinnamon stick and tie a short piece of fabric (usually a small woven plaid fabric - ripped into strips so it has a ragged look) around the snowman's neck to look like a scarf. These make great swizzle sticks for cocoa or cider.

Thanks for sharing the new twist on an old favorite.


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