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budsterNovember 17, 2006

We have just finished off a box of manderin oranges and I've liberated the fairly study plastic bin affair that the cardboard was around. It makes a dandy storage box for two rows of music CD's .... and being a bright neon green fits perfectly into the bedroom of my teen. It would also make great storage for summer bulbs/wool/sewing supplies....and even comes with holes to stick your hands through when carrying. You could use it to keep mail, pens, recipes.....the ideas are endless.....aren't you happy when you discover a gem for nothing?? I have seen smaller, less sturdy same type of boxes for sale in dollar stores.....they can keep theirs...I'm happy to use a found treasure. What have you found lately??? Budster

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Hi Bud,

Glad that your frugal heart was gladdened by your discovery.

If you want to store some things that're small and shorter than a milk carton, rinse one carefully, pull the top corners apart, cut down each corner of what made part of the "roof" to what was the top of the column, then holding the carton horizontally, rotate it until the place where the paper joins is at the top of one vertical wall. Cut off the part that used to make the roof that is now at the top, then cut down the middle of the side that's on top, so that the join of the carton is at the top of one side. Cut down to not far from the bottom, then cut at about 45 degree angle to each corner. Fold down the cut sides into the carton and staple, stapling the triangle piece at the end, as well. Looking at the three remaining pieces that made the roof of the carton in the first place, fold them one over the other and staple, to make a flat end of the box.

The box will be too short to hold letters, but if you cut off the whole of what made the roof of two cartons, cutting down one side as indicated above, leaving the join at the top of one wall, you can slide them together leaving just the right space to hold letters.

A real handy place to drop in bills that need to be paid as they arrive, writing the cutoff date and amount on the envelope, if desired. But give yourself a few days of grace for Credit Card bills, Power bill, phone, etc., in order to avoid fees for paying late.

My credit card is issued by the bank where I have an account, so I can pay my bill there, on the due date, without incurring penalty.

Plus, since I'm a senior, the bank doesn't charge me for paying bills from my account.

I find that, after the first of the year, information letters relating to income that needs to go with my income tax return, receipts for charitable gifts, etc. can be dropped into one of them quite handily, as well.

Use a piece of unmarked cardboard slightly higher than the envelopes to label the various cartons with Magic marker - "Bills to be Paid", "Income Tax Info", "Mail to be Answered", etc.

You may find that the one-litre cartons are a bit more inclined to tipple than the two-litre ones - they seem to get more tipsy than the larger kind. Or - is that "tippy"?

Have yourself a great late-fall weekend.

There are Santa Claus Parades in local towns most every weekend, now. Son and his friend are blowing ballon animals, hats, etc. for kids at two or three today - I'm about 50 miles from home, now, in Kitchener-Waterloo.

ole joyful

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana


You lost me on the sixth cut, fold and

Could you provide a pic for me?

Maybe I just need some more coffee yet.


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On the topic of coffee, many of the big coffee jars have interesting shapes and make excellent pen holders.

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These critters are related to whirling dervishes, I think.

Will write later when I have more time, as I'm non-resident at this library (in TO - son and pal making balloons at Santa Parade) - so restricted time.

Sorry - don't know how to deal with pic ...

... but may be able to work out something, using son's digital camera.

o j

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