Restaurant gift certificates

agnesdNovember 10, 2003

I'm going to a restaurant with another couple. I have a gift certificate to this restaurant. I think it would be tacky if we paid with a gift certificate. My husband thinks it's OK since no one cares how you pay the bill, it's the same as using a credit card to him. I'd rather use it when just the 2 of us are there. What do you think? We live in New York, where we receive one bill and we share the cost.

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As long as you participate in the tip, I don't see any problem whatsoever!

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I fully agree with you that the GC should be saved for a private occasion.. It would be tacky to use it while the other couple pays with cash or credit. Logic says it shouldn't make any diffference, but I can tell you that, in reality, it would make a very negative impression. Possibly, if the other couple are VERY close friends, it might be OK, but I wouldn't even think of doing it if they're not.

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oh my i really could care less if my friends used a gc or if they paid cash--i would care that they tipped ok and it is always nice--if your can--- to say we have this gc so we would love to buy the wine - or dessert-or whatever. why go out if they are not friends in the first place. it is an opportunity to be generous--even on a budget.

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Yes, if you can subsidize part of their meal, it could come out fine. In other words, you're "sharing" the gift certificate with them. If you can't do that, then I think you should save it for a private dinner.

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