Wall mount tub spout that pulls out??? Tub fixtures question!

jterrilynnJuly 13, 2014

Hey! Maybe I'm using a wrong search term. Background: I'm remodeling the master bath. The bathroom had a hideous vomit colored roman tub from 1983. Due to budget and area size we are putting in a white sleeker version of a roman with an incorporated white skirt. The shower is separate in another area. These tubs can be a PITA cleaning as far as reaching goes. Husband does not want a deck mount. The area had a standard setup with a wall spout and above that a single lever hot and cold. I want to keep this pretty simple as far a plumbing goes, can one get a pullout wall mounted tub spout? What do you call them? I want to be able to spray the end and sides for easy cleaning. Any ideas?

P.S I know there are other areas to post this but they are not as active so I'm landing here first.

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ItâÂÂs looking like there is no such thing as a wall mount pull-out spout. I guess what IâÂÂm looking for is a Tub faucet with hand shower set OR Tub mixer with hand shower set?
If you have this set-up could you PLEASE post a picture and tell me what you have and if you like it!

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I have had a bathtub spout with the handheld shower above it. You can also simply replace a regular shower head with the hand held which has the flexible jointed metal water hose (or what ever they are called). The big box stores carry them. Since you don't have a shower over head, you can only get a deck mount, which I also had. It sat next to the roman tub spout and the metal hose sat behind the false front. As an alternative, go to Wal-Mart and buy the blue & white scrubber on the extendable handle for reaching the far sides of the tub. They also sell replacement heads. Sold by the mops? I use this in my roman tub. Works great, easy, cheap.

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