The price of a Sunday newspaper

kathy_November 9, 2003

Usually I don't buy Sunday's paper but today I was thinking a little reading on a cold day would be better than getting the munchies. Stopped on the way to visit a friend and since hubby had to have an overpriced cup of coffee I told him to bring a Washington Post too. He came out with it and said "I hope you enjoy this because it was $2.25" Now the price on the paper is $1.50. He objected and the lady said it was because it is an out of state paper. After he brought it to the car I told him it was not worth that so he took it back (on his own I did not make him take it back). Went 200' up the road to a little store and the paper was there so I asked the clerk. "Price??" She looked at me funny and said "$1.50" It pays to shop around. I wonder how many people would notice the price of that paper especially if they bought something else too. I am getting him trained really well :) Kathy

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Not an out of town paper, per se, but our nearest "Big Papers" have a price of $1.00 for the Sunday edition, however, if you drive to either of the Super Wal-Marts in town, the nearest intersections have folks in T-shirts emblazoned with "(Newspaper names) 50 cents".

Guess the online reading of papers is becoming pretty popular. I haven't had to wash newspaper ink off my hands in 6 years!!

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Ours (my former employer!) costs $2 on the weekends. I "read" it now more than I did when I worked there. LOL I know they will jack up the price at a retailer when you can usually buy it cheaper from the box. It's ridiculous. But then again, I only usually buy it for the coupons! (And there are some features not available online but only in the print edition)

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I get the paper delivered daily and it costs 20% less than buying it at newstand prices. It's local, and everyone sells it for cover price. I think it's worth the convenience of delivery to knock off 20%!

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This subject is a real pet peeve of mine. We don't get the daily paper as I can read it at work. My main purpose of receiving the Sunday paper is the inserts/ads. However, in order to get the Sunday paper, they make it a package deal and you get the Saturday paper too. Even though it costs less to get these two papers delivered than to pick them off the stands, it costs more than just picking up the Sunday paper off the stands. We live in the country so I have to drive somewhere to pick it up. We usually go to church and I've check out the papers on the stand and they don't contain all of the coupons/inserts that are included in the delivered papers. Talk about a "gimmick". I worked for this paper for 5 months doing accounting work. And that was 5 months too much.

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I read any paper I want.I just bring it up on my computer.Most of the worthwhile news you get it on the tv and the rest if you want to go over it slowly just go to the computer.After a few weeks you wont even miss the papers it's just a habbit and you got to tie it up and put it on the curb.

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The newss on TV is getting more related to entertaiment all the time.

There isn't nearly the full reports on the articles of major newspapers on the internet that there is on the print edition. Also, not nearly the full number of articles, I find.

I get our major national business-related newspaper Saturday edition at local store - same price as from the box. It's less costly than the edition that comes out in its home city, as it doesn't include the Toronto television insert.

Part of the paper does get put into the recycle box - but I keep the business part so that I can track earlier price levels of stocks in which I may be interested at later dates.

I don't own my own home, as many of you do.

We've been getting quantities of snow during the past few days. Anybody want some - we have lots, could spare some.

Enjoy your winter.


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Joyful guy--I agree that the TV news is not really news anymore. I can't stand to watch it at all lately and get all my news from the paper.

My company gets the New York Times, so I can read that at lunch. I do subscribe to the little local paper. I tried going without it, but it is impossible to keep up with local events and elections without it. The only way I have finding out who is running in local elections and when they are having debates or talks is in the local paper--and the paper doesn't put that info on its web site! Besides, I like to read the comics!


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If I want a paper I drop into our local grocery store who put the day old papers in the recycle bin for anyone wishing a copy....hey Idon't mind at do many of the seniors in my town...we only want the puzzles, funnies and home decore sections anyway most of the time. so I don't bother with a daily paper. OK OK I'm a cheapskate..I don't mind.

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Supporting my local newspaper is worth it to me as they would be the only watchdog against waste and fraud in government and business. Without them, no changes would ever be made, no wrongdoing ever found out.

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You can often find discounted Sunday newspapers at Walmart. They buy a bunch of them, then pull out the inserts from other retailers to keep at the registers so they can match prices. Of course, if you're buying it for the inserts, then it won't do you much good. :)

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mid tn mama,

Up here, our national broadcaster, funded by federal government, but operating at arm's length, has told of quite a lot of official malfeasance.

Right now are publicing how our federal auditor found how something like 250 million was funnelled through a number of rather complex channels to some advertising companies that helped the governing party get elected in the last election - and a new one is due in the spring.

After the referendum in one province to decide whether they wanted to stay in Canada or not - some of those monies were sent through those advertising agencies to sponsor a number of festivals, etc. to tell how great it was for that province to be part of the federal system.

One can find the broadcaster's messages on the web - Your Public Radio International, is it (successor to NPR) carry a number of their broadcasts. Sometimes when they have national phone-ins, U.S. listeners take part.

There is widespread belief that the most unbiased news organization in the world is the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Look them up on Google, if you're interested.

Good wishes for a balanced understanding of world affairs, all.

ole joyful

P.S. We're no longer citizens of just one country - in a real sense, we're citizens of the world.

I sometimes wonder whether, had the U.S. been more balanced in its support for middle eastern groups for over 50 years, the fanatics among the Muslims might have found it difficult to find people willing to give up their lives to kill a few of those they viewed as enemies.

Or to fly airplanes into heavily populated towers.


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Amen Ed!


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