Entrance Door Problem /caused by roof work

dave777_2009August 30, 2009

Hi -

Been working on a House remodel project for quite some time. Almost finished. Couple of years ago - took out part of the main front wall, and replaced it - making the wall square and level - for a new fiberglass entrance door. Door has been fine since install.

Now - Putting in a new porch, and adding a porch roof. We had to cut into the roof facia, lots of other stuff. Roof was somewhat 'open'. Rain came two days ago. We put plastic up on the roof where it was open - since I'm not finished with the porch, new roof, etc.

Well - water dripped down off the plastic, and onto the door. The wood door jambs swelled, and now the door is extremely tight.

Yesterday morning was when I first found out the door had gotten wet and swelled (after the night rain) - but it became sunny for most of the day - and I was hoping the door jamb would dry out. Today, and the next couple of days - it is supposed to be sunny. This morning - door is still bad. (I live in Seattle). I'll get this new roof on in the next couple of days. I have the new rafters up.

Any ideas on if - the frame of the door is permanently ruined? I'm framing up a false wall above the door - to give the appearance of more space from the outside... But if the door is going to stay jammed - or if the door framing is permanently ruined - perhaps after I get the roof installed - I should plan on replacing the door again... Just looking for some thoughts on how long the door jambs should take to dry out... any comments?

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Comments, sure. A dehumidifier would help your cause. I doubt if anything is "permanently ruined" but you do need to expedite drying to avoid mold growth, which may involve pulling off some trim to enable air flow. You could then slip the shims to open the door.
Patience. Especially in the NorthWet.

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Tincture of time.

Is the door finished on ALL surfaces?

A single incident should not have penetrated past a good finish.

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Thanks so much for your thoughts.

The door (and door jamb) was finished on all exposed surfaces. But not on the side butted up to the wall studs.

It may straighten itself out. I opened up the wall yesterday. Took out slightly wet (definitely not soaked, mostly dry - just 'slightly wet or damp) insulation.

Whole thing is my fault of course. Didn't get the plastic far enough down from the roof - so water dripped onto the door. And the top of the door was 'open' since I am making that area be taller...

Noticed yesterday that the actual door jamb seems to be 'soft'. No longer believe it is true wood. This is a fiberglass door, purchased from HD; and the door jamb seems to possibly be some sort of particle board.

Might have to replace the Jamb, or just plane it down; or possibly might replace the door. AAAARRRRAGGGGGG!! Not pleased with what I did...

Anyway - removed drywall, removed insulation, and am hoping for the best. Got to go, since I have to finish the roof!

Thanks again to you both.

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