Body wash?

shwetagargNovember 17, 2008

what will be the cheapest way to go for bodywash instead of using the soap bars?

are the body wash refills available?

what do you all do????

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Not cheapest... but I used Bath & Body Works products.

A plus with body wash is no soap scum! So that saves cleaning time, at least.

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To make body wash last longer, put it in a liquid soap (aka body wash) foam dispenser. I have a Euro-Foamer - The Lather-Rich Soap Foamer, for this task. You mix the expensive body wash with water (1/4 cap of liquid soap mixed with 2 full caps of water). Shake well, and you get a nice rich lather with a few pumps of the dispenser.


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So no refills avaialable? that would be such a bummer
How about the one costco has?
Is it cheap or i can look elsewhere?

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Feh - that's what SUAVE and White Rain brand shampoos are for - they're awful for your hair, but fine as a body wash - and come in better scents than most body washes.

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Yes if you read the ingredients labels, body wash and cheap shampoo are the same.

If you are looking for something cheap to shave with, use hair conditioner from the dollar store. A little goes a long way, makes the razor glide, and leave legs feeling smooth.

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I always hear that Suave is bad for your hair. I've been using it for years. When I get my hair cut and the stylist asks what I wash with and I say Suave, she always says, "Well it doesn't seem to be hurting your hair."

I buy store brand or Suave brand Milk and Honey body wash when it's on sale bogo free. A few weeks ago, it was on sale for $1.77 and I had a BOGO free coupon. Not bad! It's nice and moisturing and those 2 bottles will last until spring. If you wash with one of those scrubbies and get it nice and wet, it only takes a nickel sized drop of body wash to do the whole body!

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If you have lotion that is too oily, instead of tossing it, use it for shaving too. It can be used right from the bottle and then toweled off. The razor glides over your legs with it too. It is wonderful when you have on shorts and are in a hurry to get to a ball game.

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I've used Nexus (sp?) and other high-buck fru-fru brands and I've used Suave and White Rain. I'll stick with the latter. The brand I've been buying lately is White Rain Extra Body. Best shampoo I've used in a long time. Use less, cleans better and seems to stay clean longer. Doesn't feel like the slime on there that others have. I get a "bonus" bottle with 20% more for 99¢ and it lasts over a year with the little bit needed.

However now I use Old Spice Body & Hair wash since I got it on sale BOGO, clearance for $1.24 and had a $1 coupon so for pennies a bottle I stocked up. And it works fairly well on the hair. Although the shampoo does a little better but it saves time.

There's a lot of promos going on now for body wash. Watch the stores for clearance. Target is great for discontinuing stuff and putting it on clearance. They start at 30% off, then go to 50% then to 70%. When they have a bunch, it goes to 70% often. And when it's a buy one get one, all the better.

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After reading this thread, I bought a big bottle of "April" brand green apple shampoo at Dollar Tree for $1 for 24 oz. It's basically the same as Suave or White Rain green apple shampoo. It makes GREAT body wash! I also refilled the hand soap foamer bottle with it and it makes great foam hand soap. My sons love the apple scent.

THANKS for the info about cheap shampoo being the same thing as body wash. Thanks to Dollar Tree we'll have a big supply from now on!

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And as far as shampoo being used AS shampoo -- I used Suave baby shampoo for years. My sister once said to me, your hair is so soft and shiny, what products do you use? When I told her she nearly fell over, because she's a brand-conscious person who goes in and buys without even looking at the price.

I think a lot of those stories about low-cost brands being bad for your hair are just stories marketers make up so you'll buy the expensive brands.

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