Eroded Concrete

iggieAugust 23, 2008

I have a 4 yr old concrete driveway that has pock mark and some eroded spots. The eroision and pock marking seem to have stopped and the remaining concrete seems solid. Has anyone used any of the products available for resurfacing. I posted here about problem last year and was told about a metod of repair that used pure Portland cement worked into damaged areas. I tried this on a couple of small areas. Apparantly I did something wrong because it did not work. The repair looked good and seemed like it bonded well, but itcame out after about a month. Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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can you post pics?

small pock marks are easier repaired with concrete patch, preferably the kind in a tube like caulk. what usually happens is that not all teh rock(aggregate) in the concrete was below teh surface. they work loose and come out and leave a small hole.

if the concrete has eroded in 4 years, then the jake leg that did the work mixed it wrong. you are probably going to start seeing major cracks/breaks before long. it may be better to just rip it out and pour new.

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I am not sure what you have, but this article appeared in today's newspaper.

Here is a link that might be useful: Concrete overlay

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