redoing paint on porch floors...what to use...???

trailrunnerbikerJuly 2, 2009

We didn't do it right 2 years ago...sigh. Now we need to do it again and there are sales at Lowes and HD. I know we need to is Zinnser 123 good ? Then what to use over it....we want it to match the the darkest almost black Charleston green we can get. Has to be water clean up....the stores have Behr/Olympic/Valspar on sale...what brand and what product have you had success with ??? THANK YOU for the help. c

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I've only had porches to paint, decks to stain at this home so I'm not much help. I know whatever I did it wasn't enough. Though after five years of wind, rain and snow it's probably not that bad of wear. I'll be redoing them this year with a solid water based stain by Behr. I used semi solid color before. It did hold up very well on the posts we did, so my guess is it's good stuff, I just didn't do enough coats on the porches and deck.

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Thank you just...I was leaning toward trying that. The house next door is being painted so DH went over and asked the guy what he would suggest using. He said no matter what you do the surfaces that are exposed to rain etc are going to need redoing every so often. He said flat surfaces are always a problem. So if you got 5 years you did a great job. We are going to sand the steps as they were exposed to the water and are peeling...then use the 123 and then I guess the Behr since it is on sale. Good luck to you and thanks again. c

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do check over in Paint forum here. It's tricky stuff, exterior horizontal surfaces that are walked on. I've done both concrete steps (rental, somebody else painted them and no amount of scrubbing/pressure washing/sanding would get last of old brown off, so I had to use Muralo's Super Tred (Oil based). A good product but it's flaked off after a few years in walk paths.

I do not like Behr stain for decks/porches. Have used it (semi transparent) at rental porches and it wore off in walk path before first season was over. And I did everything right: scrubbed, wood was aged properly, right temp. Google it and you will find complaints about Behr exterior stain. Lots. I only found them after applying mine. :/

I've had good luck with Cabot's product on Cedar Privacy fence but that doesn't get walked on. ;) REZ and Maxim are products that held well on my deck (used solid colors so it looked like paint). REZ makes an oil-based primer that you can use first, then apply their latex (water based) top coat. Still needed touch up in walk paths tho. Check those two companies web sites and look for local dealers (usually independent).

If you're talking wood, I'd also check/post in Decks & Porches forum here. There is a wealth of info about products, what works, what doesn't, etc.

Checking those other boards could well save you tons of grief sooner than you want!

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We've always used Home Depot's Behr Charleston Green on our porch decking, railings, shutters and posts. I love that color, which also comes in a stain, but we have always used Behr's exterior latex based paint. We just repainted again this year for only the 4th time in the 19 years we've lived in the house, so it's worn well.

Naturally, any of the wood that is pressure treated has to be conditioned first, or the paint will not adhere properly. Any pressure treated wood has to be cleaned first with soap and water, and then left to dry out for a minimum of 30 days. After 30 days, apply a coat of sealer, something like Thompson's water seal, let dry, and only then can you paint.

We live right on the water on the coast of South Carolina, so are exposed to lots of humidity, wind, rain and weather. If the wood you painted two years ago was pressure treated, and not allowed to cure properly, that may be why the paint didn't adhere well last time you painted.

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We use porch and floor paint, from HD.

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Behr does have a Porch and Floor paint; link provided below. I used this last summer on my peeling deck, and it seems to be holding up well. I suspect whoever did it last did not do good prep. Ugh!

Here is a link that might be useful: Behr Porch & Floor paint

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Oh, nanny2's post reminded me I should clarify. It's Behr exterior stain that has given me so much trouble (and other's complaints I saw afterward).

Behr exterior paint, however, I used on several of the pipes and meters out side our house so it would match siding, and on my front door, years ago, and their exterior paint has held up very well. (But I didn't use it on anything you'd walk on. Did put it on both metal and wood.)

Products I mentioned above are solid stains, which absorb into wood more rather than coat it.

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We've also used the Behr porch paint.

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I have talked to some folks and they say that since we already primed and painted 3 yrs ago and it is intact except on three steps and also since these are covered porches that we have to stick with paint since the stain can't penetrate already coated wood. That makes sense to me. I am really glad to hear the IRL reviews from all of you. Thank you so much...if I am mistaken on this just let me know otherwise I think we will go with cleaning/good primer/Behr porch paint. c

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